Online Banking

It's Me 247 Online Banking allows you to:

  • Transfer funds within your account (Contact Us to set up other accounts to transfer to)
  • Review account balances and transactions
  • Verify deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments
  • Make loan payments
  • Deposit a check from your phone/tablet using Mobile Check Deposit
  • Review loan payoff amounts and due dates
  • Pay Bills
  • and MUCH MORE!

Simply contact us or sign up online. You will need:

  • Account number
  • Social security number
  • Birth date
  • Phone number
  • Approximate savings balance



Banking online makes you smarter and safer....a tip from Jean Chatzky:

Sure it saves you time (roughly two hours a month) and money (about $60 a year in stamps) but that's not why you should do it.  Research has shown people who bank online look at their accounts four times more often than people who bank the old-fashioned way.  And just looking at your money is a great way to notice if something fishy is going on in your accounts.  That means if you happen to be one of the nearly 10 million annual victims of identity theft, you'll notice it - and be able to shut it down - sooner.   ~Jean Chatzky, award winning financial journalist & author of Money Matters.




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